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My Little Doves

What better way to start my blog, than to make the very first post about, you guessed it, my little doves. Sloan and Baylee have not only made me a Mommy, but they've made me become much more confident in who I am, what I want, and honestly, they have created someone who is now quite fearless. Beforehand, I would barely voice an opinion if it differed from those in the room, but now I've come to realize that my opinions matter, even if they spur a disagreement. I want to show my little girls that they can do anything, and if they're different from the rest, if they stand out, or if their views aren't the same as everyone else's, that's perfectly okay, because they are mine, and God created them perfectly in every sense of the word.

And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. Sloan is clever, and extremely sneaky in getting what she wants. She has a smile that is so contagious, even on my darkest days her smile has the power to turn it all around. She is so protective of her sister, and always has been. On the day they were born Baylee reached her hand out to find Sloan's, and Sloan grabbed onto her and would not let go. We were lucky enough to capture that moment on camera, and it still brings tears to my eyes whenever I come across it. Now Bay is ornery to the core, yet she loves everyone and every animal that she meets, and her laughter is made up primarily of belly laughs. Her eyes are so stunning, huge and hazel with flecks of gold, she can melt any heart with just a glance!

These girls couldn't be any more opposite, looks and personality wise, however if one doesn't feel well or if the other is hurt or sad, they are right there giving each other hugs and kisses. I know they may not always like each other as time goes on, but the love and the bond that they have will never waiver, if it does I'll whip out the thousands of videos and pictures that I've taken along the way to prove otherwise. Needless to say, Aaron and I are so grateful and thankful to God for giving them to us, I can honestly say that no matter what happens, as long as I have my girls, everything will be okay!

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